Today’s Reading 11.8.2019

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Relationships 11.8.2019
There is a gift for us in each relationship that comes our way. Sometimes the gift is a behavior we’re learning to acquire: detachment, self­-esteem, becoming confident enough to set a boundary, or owning our power in another way. Some relationships trigger healing in us—healing from issues of the past or an issue we’re facing today. Sometimes we find ourselves learning the most important lessons from the people we least expect to help us. Relationships may teach us about loving ourselves or someone else. Or maybe well learn to let others love us. Sometimes, we aren’t certain what lesson we’re learning, especially while we’re in the midst of the process. But we can trust that the lesson and the gift are there. We don’t have to control this process. We’ll understand, when it’s time. We can also trust that the gift is precisely what we need.
Today, I’ll be grateful for all my relationships. I will open myself to the lesson and the gift from each person in my life. I will trust that I, too, am a gift in other people’s lives.