Atlanta Triangle Club will stay open until further notice. We will remain open for all meetings and for anyone who needs help in recovery.

Atlanta Triangle Club recommends that if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: not feeling well, coughing, fever, shortness of breath, PLEASE STAY HOME. Contact your healthcare provider or the CDC as soon as possible. Please take care of yourself and everyone around you. If you are confused, call your doctor, your sponsor, a family member or a friend.  When you come to the club, the CDC recommends washing your hands upon entering, and keep your hands away from your face, mouth and eyes. Please wash your hands before leaving the club as well. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR FINGERS INTERLACED during the meeting, and refrain from handshaking and hugging. Use your elbows to catch your coughs.

In service and recovery – The Atlanta Triangle Club

Atlanta Triangle Club now hosts online meetings Look here  for details

Ways to stay sober and keep “recovery in your mouth” (hey, these are NOT in order):
  1. Call or reach out to someone – sponsor, family member, friend.
  2. If you are at a meeting, keep your hands to yourself. Wash your hands upon arriving, and leaving.
  3. Keep your phone charged so that you can receive calls
  4. Meditate
  5. Exercise (if you can)
  6. Keep washing your hands (inside and outside of the house)
  7. Keep safe
  8. Be grateful that you are sober!
  9. Look at the https://www.cdc.gov/ if you have questions about the coronavirus COVID-19.

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The Atlanta Triangle Club serves the Greater Metro Atlanta Area, and provides a clean, safe, centrally-located environment in which to conduct 12-Step Recovery meetings, and other recovery-based meetings. Triangle provides space for 29 different groups that conduct 74 different meetings each week.