Dues can be paid Quarterly ($50.00), or Annually ($200.00).

Triangle Membership

You can also donate!

Many people have recovered from alcoholism and addiction. They have regained their lives and sobriety by attending meetings, working the 12 Steps with a sponsor, and reading the Big Book.  At the Atlanta Triangle Club, some naturally want to show their appreciation either by being donating or becoming a member of the Atlanta Triangle Club, showing their appreciation for the place that contributes to their’s and other’s lives, to carry the message of recovery to others, and to contribute to the operating costs of this facility.

To apply for membership, please fill out a Membership Registration Application.   You will receive an email message confirming your membership.   Applications can only  be found at the club.  You can give your application to a meeting chairperson.  If you prefer to mail it in, you may mail it to: The Triangle Club, P.O. Box 53346 Atlanta, GA 30355.

You can also pay by check.  Please make your check payable to The Triangle Club. If you have questions about membership, contact us. Thank you for your appreciation!